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Flushing Rockland County

The Rockland County Legislature’s Environmental Committee will discuss recharging a local aquifer with treated wastewater on Wednesday 10/27 at 5:15p. The wastewater from Rockland Sewer District #1 is currently released from the Orangetown treatment facility into the Hudson River.

‘€œWastewater recharge is a recommendation which was included in the U.S. Geological Survey of our county’s water resources,” says Environmental Committee Chairwomen Connie Coker. “In recent years our population has expanded and continuing development has placed a great demand on our water resources.’€

‘€œBy retaining the millions of gallons we send daily into the Hudson River, we could significantly expand our usable water supply and avoid more costly and environmentally unsound methods,” says Legislator Alden H. Wolfe.

Although it doesn’t sound hygenic, experts say there are ample reasons to consider using wastewater to recharge depleted aquifers. The United Nations, among other groups notes advantages to this approach.

Where soil and groundwater conditions are favorable for artificial recharge of groundwater through infiltration basins, a high degree of upgrading can be achieved by allowing partially-treated sewage effluent to infiltrate into the soil and move down to the groundwater.

Food and Argiculture Organization of the United Nations

The discussion will take place at the Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 5:15 p.m. meeting of the Environmental Committee. The meeting is open to the public.

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See also: Health Risks in Aquifer Recharge Using Reclaimed Water, WHO

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