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The Earth on Display This Saturday

Oceans, earthquakes, weather, volcanoes and oil spills. How does the Earth work? The answers to some of the planet’s greatest mysteries can be found a few miles South of Nyack at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House in Palisades, NY. On Saturday Oct 2, LDEO invites the community to their annual open house where curious minds of all ages can learn about Earth in fun and engaging ways.

Exhibits and talks planned include Bathtub Science, a Tree Ring Laboratory, insights into the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill, the Haiti earthquake, Antarctica and even dinosaurs. A shuttle bus to LDEO, running continuously from 10-4p, will be available at the IBM Palisades Conference Center on Route 9W. Shuttle buses will also be running from the Columbia University campus in NYC. More information about LDEO’s 2010 Open house is available online.

LDEO scientists observe Earth on a global scale, from its deepest interior to the outer reaches of its atmosphere, on every continent and in every ocean. They decipher the long record of the past, monitor the present, and seek to foresee Earth’s future. From global climate change to earthquakes, volcanoes, nonrenewable resources, environmental hazards and beyond, the Observatory’s fundamental challenge is to provide a rational basis for the difficult choices faced by humankind in the stewardship of this fragile planet. Over 120 Ph.D.-level researchers about 80 graduate students work at the Lamont Dohery facility.

Source: Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

Nyack Farmer's Market

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