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Good Green Design Starts At Home

‘€œGood design and sustainability go hand in hand ‘€¦ it is really a way of life,’€ says Gemini Watanabe. ‘€œTo me it has an impact not only on the environment but also on our personal health.’€ Watanabe, a certified designer and the owner of  Summit St. Design ‘€“ Kitchen and Bath Solutions in Nyack, will give a talk on eco-friendly design at the Nyack library this coming Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 7pm.

According to her, the hallmarks of green and sustainable design include:

  • Proper planning — making optimal use of space and materials will make any room relevant and useful for decades. From a green standpoint, this means materials are not wasted. Debris is kept out of our landfills, reducing our demand on the environment for raw materials.
  • Working with materials that improve indoor air quality, making it healthier for people living in the home. Using materials that have low or no volatile organic compounds or are resistant to mold, mildew and dust is particularly beneficial for people with asthma and allergies.
  • Using energy saving appliances and water saving fixtures. Not only does this save on monthly bills, it also reduces our consumption of natural resources.

‘€œIncorporating Green Design into Your Home, Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation’€ will be presented at the Nyack Library on Wed Oct 13 at 7p.

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