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Rockland’s Changing Demographics: Today at 10a

New York, July 22 — WNYC’s “Anecodotal Census” series on the Brian Lehrer show looks at Rockland County this morning at 10a. Two guests will discuss changes to the Haitian and Hasidic communities in Rock Co.

WNYC is at 93.9 FM and 810 AM. You can hear the show streamed live at WNYC,org or listen to a podcast after the broadcast.

Tim Henderson, data analyst for the Journal News, discusses the changing demographics of Rockland County over the last ten years. Later, Renold Julien, executive director of the Konbit Neg Lakay, a Haitian-American community center based in Spring Valley, talks about the Haitian community there. Then Marla Cohen, editor of the Rockland Jewish Reporter, discusses changes she has noticed in the secular Jewish community of Rockland County over the past decade.

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