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July Street Fair Sale (on NyackNewsAndViews)

Every summer, thousands of shoppers visit Nyack. On Street Fair Sundays alone, as many as 25,000 people come to the village.

How can businesses benefit from this foot traffic? We know where to find them. And they know where to find us, too.

Everyday, adults in the Nyacks visit for local news and information. During the week before a street fair, we see a huge surge in site visits from people interested in the fair. We’d like to help you benefit from that traffic.

NyackNewsAndViews is an independent community information resource. Articles cover topics from politics to entertainment and everything in between. The site delivers an average of 40,000 page views per month and is read by more than half of all adults 25+ in the Nyack river villages (Source: Google Analytics). Last week alone, almost 6,000 people visited NyackNewsAndViews searching for July 4th fireworks information. In an average month, we publish more stories about Nyack than any other news source in our community.

Like many of the non-profit groups in our community, NyackNewsAndViews is run by volunteers. To better serve the Nyacks, we want to expand our coverage by hiring reporters. And that takes funding. Advertising on NyackNewsAndViews is a win-win-win situation: you can boost your marketing effort, give students and freelancers a chance to get published and help make Nyack a more connected community.

We are offering merchants and local businesses a July 2010 street fair advertising special to introduce you to the advantages of supporting NyackNewsAndViews. Our format features only one ad per page prominently displayed in the right hand column, so your message is sure to stand out.

Interested in learning more? Email or call us at 845-445-9105 for rates and details.

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The Fine print: Special rate only applies to seven day advertising schedules which include Street Fair Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Nyack Farmer's Market

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