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No Fair…For Dogs!

"Hey...I want to come too!"

by Rosemary Serluca-Foster

Though signs were posted at the May Street Fair, I apparently did not notice that pups (or any other animal, amphibian or reptile) were banned from our local street fairs.

Come on, really? I see people with their dogs all the time!

If you’re like me, every time you leave the house without your favorite, furry friend (and I don’t mean your spouse or partner), you feel a pang of guilt for not taking her with you. Ginger, our Buddha-natured Shih Tzu, follows me to the door, sits on her haunches and stares up with yearning eyes that resemble gargantuan, chocolate-malted milk balls, making my exit even more heart wrenching.

So, whenever there’s an opportunity to bring her somewhere, especially to an outdoor event, I get very excited, my disproportionate guilt assuaged for the moment.  Such opportunities come right here in Nyack whenever there is a street fair. Or so I thought.

I have taken her a few times now and here’s how it goes:  she doesn’t like to walk in crowds; people nearly always accidentally step on her; I inevitably end up carrying her because she tires out; my arms begin to ache and get sweaty from transporting her.

So, who’s having fun?  Certainly not Ginger.  And at the last fair, I was very graciously informed (and not given a ticket) that even though Ginger is adorable, and yes I was carrying her, I was still breaking the ordinance.

“Didn’t you read the signs?”

“Signs?  What signs?”

“The ones posted all over place that say no animals allowed.”

I guess we see what we want to see, when and if we want to see it.

So now I know.  And, guess what?  I totally agree. Here’s what Chapter 17 Article III of the Nyack Village Code has to say on the matter of dogs and street fairs:

The Village Board, having reviewed the matter of the presence of dogs and other animals at street fairs and other authorized assemblies, has concluded that recent experiences wherein domestic animals have been brought by their owners to street fairs and other places of assembly which occasion high degrees of pedestrian density have involved a potential for accident or danger which is unacceptable.

So this Sunday, July 18th, as you head out the door to our fun and fab street fair, please leave your pets at home.  In the end, they’ll be glad you did. I know Ginger will be. Better still, I will bring her back a special treat for having retained her Buddha-like tranquility while I was away. There will be quite a few vendors with lots of pet goodies to choose from:

  • My Buddy ‘€˜N Me on South Broadway, a pet shop specializing in organic food and holistic pet care and supplies, plus the new pet grooming station.
  • Dognique featuring dog products and pet accessories will have a booth on Main St.
  • Natural Herbal Supplement for Dog Tears to remove unsightly stains will have a booth on Main St.
  • And if you want to help an animal in need, stop by the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center’s booth on Main St. and learn more about pet adoption.

Please spread the word to your out-of-town friends and family who may not be aware of the ordinance. We certainly don’t want folks coming to enjoy the fair and not be able to because they unknowingly brought their pets.

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