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Breaking Away Old Bikes For Rivertown Film

by Meryl

Are there some old/extra bikes cluttering up your basement or garage?  Can you find it in your heart to donate those in good working condition to Rivertown Film?

Rivertown Film’s yard Sale on May 15-16, but most will go to a group of film students at Clarkstown North High School who have chosen Rivertown Film as their charity in Cablevision’s Charity Champions competition. If they win, Rivertown Film will get the prize of $6,000!  That’s a lot of support!  We’d be thrilled!

And very grateful!  All bicycle donors will get an invitation to a celebratory event if the students win the prize for us.

Have a bike? Give us a call. All you have to do is get the bike(s) to your driveway and we’ll arrange for a pick-up.  If you have a bike to donate, call Rivertown Film at 353-2568.

Photo Credit: Diane Cormican

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