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Broadband Initiative!

by David Carlucci

As Clarkstown’s Town Clerk, I am urging all residents to show their support for Clarkstown’s application for Google Fiber. Clarkstown has recently submitted an application to be one of the test communities for Google’s new plan to supply free broadband. Google states that their new broadband technology will be able to provide Internet connections over 100 times faster than what most Rockland residents have access to today. In fact, the speeds should border on the 1 gigabit per second range, all being channeled through a fiber connection into the home or business. In addition to revolutionizing education, medicine, business and industry, it could bring reliable, low-cost Internet access to those who could never before afford it.

For a country that both produces and consumes some of the most advanced technologies in the world, the U.S. lags behind many other developed countries when it comes to Internet access. Right now, someone with a home-based business in Nagano can speed along on the Internet at speeds of 100 megabits per second, so why must a business owner in Nanuet have long, inefficient download times? I firmly believe this will attract more businesses to Clarkstown who wish to conduct business in a technologically forward-thinking town such as ours. Fiber and Internet connection vital. More importantly, it’s the part of our infrastructure that will provide Clarkstown with long-term job growth. Please show your support by befriending or posting a comment to the Clarkstown Broadband blog I created to show public support for this initiative. Please visit the blog today at or call me at 845-639-2010 for more info or questions.

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