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Calgon…Take Me Away!

by Christina Cabot

Nyack, April 15 — It’s a day when the collective groan of a tax-paying society can be heard from every corner. Perhaps George Harrison said it best in the song ‘€œTaxman’€ when he sang, ‘€œIf 5% appears to small, be thankful I don’t take it all.’€

Now to be fair, I’ve found that this year, I know more people pleased with the outcome of their tax filing than I can remember in the recent past.  But still, the whole endeavor is a stress-inducing one.  I caught myself fantasizing this morning about a tropical getaway that included lots of spa services ‘€“ or at the very least a trip to Koblin’s to find me some bath oil and aromatherapy candles.  In fact, Nyack seems to offer a plethora of options for those either celebrating a pending refund, or trying to forget the check they have to send by 11:59 pm tonight.

A suggestion for those (like me) who need a little pampering?  Before bringing home that Calgon, head over to Hudson House for a cocktail or an always-relaxing happy hour at Harry’s.  Nothing beats Memorial Park for quiet contemplation or a reminder of how simple life was when you were mom & dad’s ‘€œdependent.’€

Of course, whether your spirits need lifting or you are reveling in the fact that a check from Uncle Sam is due to arrive in your mailbox imminently, flowers are key. Yes, now that the sweet smell of freesia and hyacinth are in the air we can all breathe sweeter ‘€“ even on April 15th!

Christina Cabot is a  co-owner at Winter Wednesday Flowers, a luxury flower destination in Nyack. You can find her on the Web, on Facebook and at 152 Main Street.

Nyack Farmer's Market

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