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A Night to Remember

by Marianne Olive

On Sunday night February 21 Olive’s celebrated a moving away party for the brilliantly talented drummer, Jon Karel, and his girlfriend Jenna, who are “shuffling off to Buffalo.”

We had a full house of talented musicians who jammed till the wee hours of the morning(4am).WOW! What fun, what excitement, what talent filled Olive’s stage with a continuous flow of the most talented entertainment outside of Manhattan all gathered in one place…UNREHEARSED! I felt like I was back at “Woodstock” in the summer of 69.

I want to personally thank each and every great musician who moved everyones spirits and heightened our musical appreciation for those who were lucky enough to be there.

The following are most of the musicians who played at the event:


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  • Jon Karel
  • Will Fegan
  • Seth Moutal
  • Joe Carpentieri
  • Jeff Mann
  • Jeff(Head) Spindel

Base Guitar:

  • Lorenzo Wolf
  • Frank Coda (also vocals)(Schwizz) (Coda’s Oddossey)
  • Sam Oats (also played horns
  • Dave Reiss
  • Dylan Kelehan (also guitar and vocals)(Forth Best Cover Band)
  • Kevin Lacy( also sound engineering, production, recording and vocals) GO KEVIN!


  • Ryan Liatsis (Schwizz)
  • Brian Duggan
  • Sam Crawford
  • Miles Strand
  • Mike Kemmlein
  • Josh Zisman
  • Andy Rock


  • Steev Richter (piano and vocals)
  • Padro Capo
  • Frankie D (Wednesday nights with Frankie Dand the Boyz

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