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View From Main Street: Collaborative Creativity

by Katie Rosa Marchese

One of the unique things about Nyack is how easy it is to be ‘€œstreet smart.’€ You can learn about a lot about village life by reading the bulletin boards scattered throughout the downtown.

I love fliers. I love browsing brochures, event posters, small business ads, and apartments for rent. Handwritten notices spark something special in my brain. I mean, did you know that on Elysian Avenue there’s a moving sale that offers, among other things, a ‘€œCouch (foldable) It might be a bed’€ for $100? Or a Dirt Devil vacuum for $10? Do you NEED A TUTOR? I might!! I don’t know ‘€“ the giant lettering is awfully convincing’€¦

But aside from my magpie attraction to scraps of variety, the existence of so many bulletin boards at local businesses signifies something greater’€¦ a willingness to collaborate. For an establishment to open up a portion of their wall for public use means that, for one thing, they care about their fellow small business owners. And as a small business owner myself, I find that support invaluable. I’ve found a wealth of this collaborative mentality here in Nyack since we arrived – my encounters with fellow business owners have been utterly rewarding and welcoming. A casual bar dinner at Riviera Steakhouse led to an enthusiastic exchange of business cards with folks involved with local summer camps, schools, and a center for adults with disabilities. A nonchalant gym date with Sarah Lantigua, owner of Lanti Music Studio, led to inspired ideas for public event collaborations, which are now in the works toward becoming a reality. I’ve found myself bursting with fresh creativity. It’s tough to stay inspired as a business owner, and these collaborations make all of the difference in the world. How wonderful it is to be a part of a community that honors and uplifts each other’s business endeavors.

I was at Reality Bites Café on Saturday night for dinner with my family. By 8:30 p.m., we had just about finished our meal and were on the verge of asking for the check when a jumbling of people with instruments near the bar turned into great music with a rockabilly sensibility. We decided to stay for dessert. And a few days later, the songs still stuck in my head, I purchased The UpSouth Twisters‘ album online. I love eating out. And I love music. The collaboration? Even better. For Reality Bites, for the UpSouth Twisters, and for me.

Katie Rosa Marchese is a downtown Nyack resident and manager of a fulltime magic company she runs with her husband, Mario the Magician.

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