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Seconds, Anyone? (Let Them Eat Cake, Part II)

by Joanne Zornow

Are school administrators and teachers responsible for what children eat during school hours? Some parents are souring on the idea of sweets in schools while others are icing the cupcakes for classroom birthday parties.

Yesterday in part one of this article, nutritionists weighted in on whether or not sugary treats should be permitted in schools. Today we present views from local psychologists, a health counselor and a professor/author.

Debra Gold, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Nyack NY

‘€œTeaching children moderation and the use of their own judgment in such things as indulging in sweets or processed foods gives them a valuable skill that they can hopefully generalize to other indulgences in their lives ahead.’€ Continue reading’†’

Eric Neblung, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Nyack NY. Specializing in child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy

‘€œI encourage parents to provide choices that foster the decision making process but to narrow those choices to ones that encourage health and adaptive living.’€ Continue reading’†’

Joan Gussow, Ed.D
Professor Emeritus Teachers College/Columbia University, Author This Organic Life

I’m very uncomfortable with the word “ban” in association with the word “parties.” It’s considerably more off-putting–and more likely to provoke resistance–than something more positive. Continue reading’†’

Jodi Cabral
Health and lifestyle educator, Westford, Massachusetts

‘€œCollaboration among school administrations, teachers, parents and children to provide healthier alternatives and to encourage good nutritional choices can produce desired results.’€ Continue reading’†’

See also: Let the Eat Cake, 1/24/2010, School Food Fight, 1/11/2010
Photo Credit: GloriousTreats via Flickr

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