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Nyack’s New Appointees

Nyack, Jan 5 — Mayor Richard Kavesh has announced his 2010 “slate of appointments” for Village Hall.

The appointments include positions on the water commission, zoning, planning and architectural review boards as well as village attorney, clerk, treasurer, engineer, historian and maintenance mechanic. Kavesh and new trustees Doug Foster and Jen White were sworn into office on Dec 31. Steve Knowlton, an appointee to Kavesh’s vacant seat on the Village Board, was confirmed by the new board on Jan 4.

Deputy Mayor – 1 year Doug Foster
Village Treasurer’€“ 2 year John Cincotta (holdover)
Registrar ‘€“ 1 year Mary E. White
Village Attorney ‘€“ 1 year Walter R. Sevastion
Deputy Village Clerk ‘€“ 1 year Rosa Martinez
Deputy Village Treasurer- 1 year Rosa Martinez
Deputy Registrar ‘€“ 1 year Rosa Martinez
Acting Village Justice ‘€“ 1 year Robert P. Lewis
Planning Board Member ‘€“ 5 year Peter Klose
Planning Board Chair ‘€“ 1 year Peter Klose
Planning Board Member ‘€“ 1 year Daniel Jean-Gilles
Zoning Board of Appeals Member ‘€“ 5 year Ellyse Okin Berg
Zoning Board of Appeals Chair ‘€“ 1 year Catherine Friesen
Architectural Review Board Member ‘€“ 5 year Eileen Kuster Collins
Architectural Review Board Chair ‘€“ 1 year Eileen Kuster Collins
Water Commissioner ‘€“ 5 year Philip Bullock
Parks Commissioner ‘€“ 7 year Heidi Broecking
Parks Commissioner ‘€“ 3 year Marcie Denker
Parks Commissioner ‘€“ 5 year Marianne Olive
Parks Commissioner ‘€“ 2 year James Willcox
Village Historian ‘€“ 1 year Carol Weiss
Village Engineer ‘€“ 1 year Brooker Engineering PLLC
Maintenance Mechanic &
Fire Alarm Inspector ‘€“ 1 year
Victor Overton (holdover)

Additionally, the second Thursday of each month was designated a “regular meeting for all business” with the fourth Thursday for “abbreviated business/workshops.”

Photo (L to R): New Nyack Mayor Richard Kavesh with outgoing Mayor John Shields

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