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The Eagle Has Landed. At Shoprite.

Nature is all around us, everyday. On the river. In the woods. Even in the trees behind ShopRite where you might just spot some bald eagles.

Jennifer Hausler writes about a sighting last week at the Route 59 ShopRite in West Nyack on the Nyack Backyard blog:

To my amazement they were clearly visible from the west side of the rear parking lot.  The female was probably on the younger side (5- 6 years old or younger) because she didn’t have her adult plumage yet and was still sporting a brown and white speckled breast and dark head and wings.
Two other males were flying around several hundred yards away.   Eagles often mate for life, so I’m wondering if there is some competive courting going on here.

See more pictures and read the rest of the narrative at

See also: Journal News 1/5/2010, Where Do Bald Eagles Shop?Photo Jukebox

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