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Petersen’s: Thinking Outside The Box

by Joseph Mitlof

It was suggested to me that I share my recent suggestion to the Van Houten Landing Association with NN&Vs folks. So here it is. First let me note that to those who know me I’m known as someone who not only thinks ‘out of the box’ but as someone who long ago burned the damn box and scattered the ashes to the four winds-seven seas-whatever. Of course one tends to p _ _ _ off a lot of folks with such behavior, especially those comfortably ensconced in said Box. Anyways, as we say in Brooklyn, here’s the gist of my message to VHLNA2009 and to NN&Vs readers.

There may well be ingress and egress from Petersen’s through the riverfront property to the north, namely the non-profit Summit School. If I’m correct, and if Summit school has indeed benefited from Upper Nyack taxpayer largess lo these many years, perhaps a quid pro quo is  something to be considered? Yes, I know it’s out of the box, but Hey, ‘You never know’.

Would new ingress etc. make the property more marketable to another Marina operator, boat club group or whomever? Seems it might be worth a look?  From a neighbor on LaVeta.

See also: Sailing for Sale, 12/16/2009, Upper Nyack Votes No on Boatyard 12/11/2009

Photo Credit: Mark Gado, truTV

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