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Morahan’s “Party of No” Defeats Marriage Equality Bill

tm1by Cliff Weathers

Albany, Dec 2 — This afternoon, State Senator Thomas P. Morahan (SD-38) emphatically disregarded the civil rights of his constituency by voting against the Marriage Equailty bill before the State Senate. With Morahan’s passionate help (he came out strongly against gay marriage in July), the bill was defeated 24-38. While many Democrats gave emotional, logical, and legal pleas for its passage, Morahan and other Republicans did not even feel they had to legitimize their flawed reasoning and didn’t bother to join in the debate.

The Republicans were cowards and refused to explain their votes. Perhaps they are afraid that video of their bigotry would expose them for who they really are. They just voted “no.” And Morahan did so with some gusto!

Morahan and 37 other state senators did not bother to weigh their votes against the Constitution, nor did they legislate for their constituencies. All 30 Republicans voted no on marriage equality, as did eight Democrats: Addabbo, Aubertine, Diaz, Huntley, Carl Kruger, Monserrate, Onorato, and Stachowski.

I never thought Senator Morahan’s gay constituents wanted him to embrace the bonds that they share, but I do think that they wanted him to acknowledge that what they share with their partners is at least equal to the marriage that he has been privileged to have.

Politicians like Morahan attend events like Gay Pride Rockland and will tell you they’re for gay rights. The Senator says LGBTs should have the same access to housing, jobs, benefits like health care and insurance and equal protection of the law — but that equality stops at gay marriage. The truth is, Senator Morahan was never a friend of the gay community; he was only pandering for votes.

Morahan’s basic dishonesty has made fools of many people, especially some liberal friends of mine, who believe that he is a closet liberal. I’ve been told by some of the most progressive people I know in Rockland County that he is some throwback Rockefeller Republican who’s really on our side, fighting for our values. Democratic politicians in the county like Ilan Schoenberger, Alex Gromack, and Christopher St. Lawrence and supposedly progressive political parties such as the Working Families Party have openly supported Sen. Morahan. Well, it’s time for us to email “liberal” Morahan supporters and tell them what really motivates our senators. And it’s time to call our local “Democratic” politicians and the WFP to tell them their fawning over, campaigning, and lucrative financial support of Senator Morahan must stop.

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Now it’s time for Rockland, Warwick, and Tuxedo residents to stand together to defeat Senator Morahan. It’s time for Tom to go!

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