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Ring in the New!

by JC Brotherhood

Inaugurate: Etymology: Latin inauguratus, past participle of inaugurare, literally, to practice augury, from in- + augurare to augur; from the rites connected with augury (Date: 1606)

  1. to induct into an office with suitable ceremonies
  2. a : to dedicate ceremoniously: observe formally the beginning of <inaugurate a new school>
    : to bring about the beginning of.

It’s still early but the good news is so far that Nyack has indicated no immediate tendency to fall into the Hudson as some dire prognosticators suggested would happen as a result of the outcome of the recent election.

The new Mayor avoided making a cabalist appointment to fill his vacant seat as trustee, the lights are still on in Village Hall and I have so far seen no signs of blood in the streets, or blood sacrifice in Village Hall other than those who allegedly chose to fall on their own swords out of spite.

OK there is still plenty of broken beer bottles and Didier’s little courtyard still gets vandalized on a regular basis but all in all life goes on, the snow gets plowed and the trash gets picked up. I even see new shops opening up and some interesting renovations to some long vacant properties on Main St. and Park St. These are hopeful signs in a still dismal economy but the free market seems to be alive and well even if it still looks a little like the day after a frat party without the togas.

Given the financial situation this new administration inherited I don’t expect any miracles. The room has still got awhile to spin I think but with some new talent on board here maybe, just maybe we can keep our eyes on the horizon long enough to keep us from having to drive this porcelain bus any further while we observe the coriolis effect bring some positive change now that will benefit our community as a whole.

My daughter (who works for Chefs to Be) tells me one of the first things they teach in the kitchen is, ‘€œNever try to catch a falling knife’€ and that lesson would be a good one to keep in mind as we begin Nyack’s new decade. It’s pretty apparent this particular knife has further to go before it lands. Hopefully no essential toes will be in its path but I am sure there will be some things that get cut as we sort this out over the months and years ahead. The difference now is there appears to be the intellectual agility to assure the blade lands where it does the least amount of damage.

We still have the legacy of the largest historical tax increase ever to deal with and I look forward to a board that can prioritize the agenda and pursue good, responsible public policy making and not willfully ignore it’s fiduciary responsibilities to those of us who live and work here, oh and by the way pay for all of this.

We still need a critical assessment of not just our current position but also of our future goals and I sincerely hope the dysfunctional malaise that has infected Village hall over the last few years can be excised, in part by the downward momentum of the above mentioned cutlery.

Good luck to the new board, hoping that, to paraphrase my grandmother, it’s eyes are not bigger than our stomach.

JC Brotherhood,
‘€œCurmudgeon at Large’€

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