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Well Played — And Possibly Important

from the blog

Nyack, Dec 12 — Who would guess that a small theatre troupe in Nyack and a collection of colorful characters from Dublin could share so many similarities? In A Man of No Importance (music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens and book by Terrence McNally), currently showing at Nyack’s Elmwood Playhouse, the similarities between the actors and the characters they portray are uncanny’€”from the blue-collar man with art in his heart to the mysterious young woman who shows up and disrupts the daily routine, there are a lot more linkages between the actors and the characters they portray than first meets the eye. There’s also ample conflict.

The players from the story are everyday folks who gather to find joy and escape from everyday life on the stage of their local parish, St. Imelda’s. The actors of the Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack‘€”itself formerly a church’€”are also ‘€œcommon’€ by most standards, working 9-to-5 jobs like you and me. They are, however, endowed with much more talent than the ‘€œcommon’€ folks they portray.

In A Man of No Importance, art and reality collide relatively seamlessly. Everyday people aspiring to amazing things is something that can be embraced by us all, and is currently happening on a small stage in Nyack. Saturday 12/12 is the last performance. Call 845-353-1313 or order online.

Known for its history of high-quality theatre at low-budget prices, Elmwood Playhouse’s next production, Beau Jest by James Sherman, kicks off on January 15 and runs until February 6.

The following review was republished from the blog.

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