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Walking and Listening

By Richard Kavesh

Yesterday’s editorial in the Journal News and Nyack News and Views made many excellent and valid points, the most important being to ‘€œtreat others as you would like to be treated.’€ The golden rule is timeless wisdom that unites people of good will of all faiths, nations, political parties,  and of course both Nyack residents and merchants and the politicians who work for them.

Prior to reading these editorials, and as part of the ‘€œout-reach’€ you described above, I began walking Main Street and Broadway yesterday to call on merchants, listen to their concerns, and extend the hand of cooperation. I look forward to many more such meetings, whether in their shops, in Village Hall, or wherever and whenever they want them.  This is part of what I meant when I said throughout the campaign: ‘€œlet’s renew Nyack together.’€

I prefer to walk and listen at the same time, so I hope merchants (and anyone else reading this) will join me on my early morning walks through the Nyacks.  I’ll be starting my first such walk this Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M. right in front of the Nyack Senior Building at 90 Depew Avenue .  The weather forecast calls for temperatures in the low 60’s, so rise and shine!

As usual, you’ll also find me in front of the post office this Saturday from 10:00 to about noon, this time not to campaign but to thank members of the Nyack community, whether they voted for me or not.

See you there,

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Richard ‘€“ 353-1935,

Richard Kavesh is the mayor-elect of Nyack, NY.

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