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Wanted: Siren Dancers

The Siren Dancers dance repertoire takes in a range of Middle Eastern dance, from the Egypytian traditional “Raks Sharqi” (bellydance), and Turkish style to folkloric styles, and fusion (blended with other dance forms). New troupe members will be selected, after training, based on talent, passion for dance, spirit of cooperation, eagerness to perform well, and availability.

After intensive training, the troupe members will present dance performances throughout the year, group and/or solo. The performances are designed to challenge & grow the dancers, and enchant the audiences.

We will encourage troupe members to develop their dance & performance skills by providing group & private instructions, workshops, rehearsals, as well as performance opportunities at our  Nyack, Hoboken and  Englewood NJ locations.

Birnur is a professional Belly Dancer originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Her previous dance training includes Turkish and Egyptian Belly Dance styles, classic as well as modern, in Istanbul and in New York. A versatile performer who incorporates a variety of styles, with the ability to entice her audience into the realm of her dance.  Her performances have been described as ‘€œmesmerizing.’€ The versatility of her style allows everyone in her class to find her own self-expression. She gives each student specialized attention on execution of movements, transitions, aesthetics and musicality. She takes her class into a journey of the sacred, the spirituality, the magic, and the joy of empowerment, of the Art of Belly Dancing. She also produces theatrical shows with her Dance Ensemble, The Siren Dancers.

The Siren Dancers is available for performances at events as well as for workshops. For more information, visit, email or call 646.373.0337

Who are bellydancers?

People of all ages, sizes, races, backgrounds and professions.

Do I need dance experience to start bellydancing?

No, you can be an absolute beginner. Any belydance style, or other dance experience is helpful, and you may be able to advance to the next level more quickly than someone who hasn’t danced before.

Can I take just one class to see if I enjoy it?

Absolutely, you can join group classes any time.

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