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Holiday Free Parking in Nyack

Parking behind RiverspaceNyack, Nov 13 — Last night the Village Board unanimously passed a resolution to make the parking lot behind Riverspace free from Thanksgiving Day to January 3.

Trustee Richard Kavesh introduced the resolution saying he had received strong support for the idea in conversations with former Chamber of Commerce President Bob Gundersen, Reality Bites owner Patti Aagard and members of Nyack’s Chamber of Commerce.

“This plan gives a shot in the arm to local business when they need it most,” says Kavesh. “We are creating an incentive for residents, employees, merchants and shoppers to park in the underutilized 47 spots on Spear Street and 144 spots in the Riverspace parking lot during the holiday shopping period.”

See also: Journal News, 11/13/2009

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