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The Angels Are Not Our Angels

by AlfieJN

I have lived in Nyack for 21 years – have seen many changes/transformations – it is my Village, my Home.  Yes, there are problems in the Village, none of which cannot be resolved – as a Community, we discuss, we disagree, we compromise, we learn to live with each other.  I am 54 – not too old to declare : “Nyack Rocks!”

Maybe 10 days ago, I drove through the Village and was somewhat amazed to see members of “The Guardian Angels” hanging-out on Main Street.  Like some other Nyack residents, I genuinely thought that it was some sort of preparation for Hallowe’en (nice para-military costume anyone?)

Today (Nov 7th) I drove through the Village several times.  I parked, to observe.  Saw them loitering at the intersection of Park Street & Main Street and witnessed them harassing and “moving-on” 4/5 Hispanic guys who were hanging-out outside what used to be Main Street Wine Store.  The Hispanic guys were causing NO problem, they were just hanging-out.

After that, “The Angels” moved down to Starbucks – I watched them intimidate some harmless kids who were hanging-out there.  The kids moved on, The Angels continued to hang out there, laughing, joking, self-congratulating each other.

Excuse me?   Did anyone ASK these people to come to Nyack?

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Nyack does NOT need The Angels.

The Village is OUR Village.

Say “NO!” to outsiders.

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