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Young Dems To Vote On Nyack Endorsement

By Christopher Smith

I would like to clear up inaccuracies that have been posted to NyackNewsAndViews before the Young Democrats meet on Thursday to decide whether we keep our endorsement of Denise Hogan or change to Richard Kavesh.

I believe Cliff Weathers is doing great work with the RC Progressive Dems Caucus as has been shown by my attendance at some of it’s events. I however would like to clear up some misinformation that you have spread on this website, to people in the Nyack community, and to members of the NY State Democratic Party.

The Rockland County Young Dems will hold a candidates forum this coming Thursday (tomorrow) at O’Malley’s in the backroom, it begins at 5:30 pm. Only current members of the Rockland County Young Dems will be able to vote in the endorsement portion of the meeting. The reason we are having this meeting is because Rockland County Democratic Chairman Vince Monte asked us to have this meeting to clear up what is being called “undemocratic ways” that we supposedly exhibited in our endorsement of Denise Hogan. We as a group do not need to have the vote of the full membership to make an endorsement, we as an excutive board can make that determination as we had done in this case and have always done in the past. As with any political organization I am free to volunteer personally for whomever I like, as is everyone else in our democratic society. Ms. Hogan is a registered Democrat meaning our organization can endorse her without “going rogue” just because she is on Row C and G.

Mr. Kavesh, as I recall we spoke the morning of the night we made our endorsement and you forwarded me the Nyack News and Views questionnaire as well as directed me to the Jorunal News website to watch the interview with you and Denise. I would be more than happy to supply the email you sent to me on this website.  So to say that we never spoke and that you never gave us materials about the subject is an outright lie. I take offense to being called a lair and I ask that you publicly apologize to me.

I invite anyone to come down tomorrow and watch our candidates forum (if you are 16 to 36 you are more than welcome to join our group) and excepts that everyone who attends acts in a cordial and polite manner to both candidates. Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening.

Christopher Smith is Co-President of the Rockland County Young Democrats.

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