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White Men’s Oversight

by Cliff Weathers

A collective “what the heck?” was echoed throughout Orangetown yesterday as the latest mailer sent by Republican/Conservative/Independence Party candidates Paul Whalen, Denis Troy, and Tom Diviny arrived. A highlighted paragraph in the center of the flyer contained this curious and intolerant statement: “To make matters even worse, the current administration tried to sneak through a workforce housing law that had the potential to increase multi-family housing and entity in the town.”

“Entity?” What do they mean by that? Did they leave a word out before it? This glaring editing error speaks volumes.

What’s obviously missing is the word that was supposed to come before “entity.”

It appears someone decided to remove a clause at the last minute, but one word was unwittingly left in. So, what kind of entity is it that scares Messrs. Whalen, Troy, and Diviny? Considering the anti-Semitic and racially charged rants by their xenophobic supporters at the now infamous Sept. 16 Orangetown Town Board Meeting Hatepalooza, I wonder. The meeting concerned workforce housing and was misrepresented as ‘affordable housing’ by the trio. I could very well be that one of the flyer’s co-authors wanted to spice up the text with some of the code words well used at that meeting and was overruled.

So is it:

troyA. “an outside entity”
B. “an urban entity”
C. “an undesirable entity”
D. “an unwelcome entity”
E. insert your theory in the comments section below

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