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Absentee Ballots: Mail By Friday

Have plans that will keep you busy on November 3 during Election Day? No problem. That is, no problem IF you get your Absentee Ballot Request in the mail by Friday, 10/9.

You can apply for an absentee ballot application for the 11/3 general election at the Rockland County Board of Elections. Applications must be postmarked by 10/9 and received by the board of elections by 10/14.

Nyack will be selected a new mayor and two new village board members. Orangetown elects a supervisor. Rockland County selects a new County Executive. Why miss out on all of the fun jsut because you will be busy or out of town? Read about all of the races on the Elections 2009 page at NyackNewsAndViews.

You can download the world’s sorriest looking tired scan of an absentee ballot from the Rockland County Board of Elections (we really shouldn’t make fun of the election process and the diligent work of the Board of Elections (845 638-5172), but seriously, don’t these guys have a scanner, like from the 21st century?) It’s also available from the NYS Board of Elections.

See also: NYS Board of Elections, Rockland County Board of Elections, NyackNewsAndViews Elections 2009

Special thanks to Palisades Hudson Financial Group LLC for their sponsorship of Election 2009 Coverage on NyackNewsAndViews.

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