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Nyack Zoning Update, Part II

By Richard Kavesh

‘€œThe journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’€ ‘€“ attributed to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu

And here at home in the Village of Nyack, we’re getting closer to the final step in the long journey of updating our land-use planning: a newly revised zoning ordinance.

For the last few years, an incredibly dedicated group of citizen volunteers has been working to create a new zoning code directly derived from Nyack’s Comprehensive Master Plan, which was ratified by the Village Board two years ago.  The consultant for the effort was the same planning firm that helped the village with the Comprehensive Master Plan, Phillips Preiss Shapiro Associates.

The new code will designate permitted land-uses throughout the village based on mapped zones that separate one zone from another. If that sounds a bit abstract and distant, think of the new zoning code the way Nyack News and Views described it on August 5th: ‘€œA zoning ordinance controls how property is used and what buildings will look like.’€ It is the village’s rule book.

The current draft already improves upon the present zoning code. The village has hired one of Rockland’s leading and most respected planning consultants, Robert Geneslaw to review this draft.

The full set of the Code Revision Committee’s documents are now available here (Click HERE) for the first time and is also posted on the official website of the Village of Nyack ( These documents are as follows:

  1. The revised draft code (Revised Zoning Code 10-31-08.pdf).  This was presented to the Village Board in November, 2008.
  2. Appendix A Zoning Map (Appendix A ZoningMap.pdf) (part of the revised zoning code)
  3. Appendix B View Corridor Map (with note that this needs to be revised per comment on first page of draft code) (Appendix B View Corridors.pdf)  (part of the revised zoning code)
  4. Zoning Code Revision Committee’s Notes 2007-2008 (Zoning Code Revision Committee Notes 2007-2008) –  notes related to all the committee meetings

    Comments Received from officials outside of Nyack

  5. Rockland Planning Letter Oct. 1, 2008 (Rockland Planning 10-1-08.tif)
  6. Rockland Planning Letter Sept. 10, 2008 (Rockland Planning 9-10-08.tif)
  7. Hudson Greenway & NYS Historic Preservation Office emails (Dennehey emails.pdf)

    Comments received from Nyack

  8. Steve Knowlton memo (Knowlton memo.pdf)
  9. Catherine Friesen memo (Friesen memo.pdf)
  10. Bill Hodgson memo (Hodgson memo 7-29-08.tif)
  11. Howard Dean letter (Dean letter.pdf)
  12. Kier Levesque email.pdf (Levesque email.pdf)
  13. Jean Pardo email (Pardo email.pdf)

The villagers and consultants who produced the new draft of our zoning code deserve our deepest gratitude and highest praise. It is my hope that the Village Board will pass a new zoning code by the end of this year.

Richard Kavesh is a Village of Nyack Trustee and a candidates for mayor.

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