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Thank You St John’s Deliverence Tabernacle

by Marianne Olive

On July 31st, at about 9pm, I went down to Remsen Street near Piermont Ave to put a lawn sign on my friend Frankie Diaz’s lawn, when I heard the most incredible sounds of a choir singing praises to the Lord. I was so moved that I walked toward the beautiful powerful voices of the choir and the drums. Someone outside the church invited me in to listen and that’s exactly what I did., and what a treat I got.  I stayed till they finished rehersing for their special Sunday service that was to take place. After their rehearsal they came to me and invited me into the group, holding hands in a circle and invited me to join them on Sunday. I decided to attend their service. It was powerful. The music, the dancing, the obvious energy in the air and the motivated Apostle Elizabeth Alston giving such an emotional and enlightening message which moved every heart and soul in the congregation. I  went with Jennifer, my dear stepdaughter, who is a friend and like my own. We stayed for the entire 4 hour service. I was amazed at how well behaved all the children in the congregation were. I was raised Catholic and had never experienced such a service. So many of the prayers were the same as what we pray in the Catholic services. Everyone was dressed beautifully. I left with a feeling that I was moved by spiritual energy.

I thank St John’s for an exhilarating experience, and for being so welcoming to a stranger. I thank Apostle Elizabeth Alston , the clergy, the choir, and all of the wonderful people I met. I will never forget that great experience.

Regards to all,

Marianne Olive

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