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Where Have All The Lawn Signs Gone?

by John Ballard

About three weeks ago we began placing lawn signs around the village to advertise Marianne Olive’s campaign for Mayor of Nyack. Then something funny happened: all eight of them disappeared simultaneously. So we replaced them. Then those new signs disappeared, too. Interestingly, I haven’t noticed this happening to any of the other candidates.

I have no idea who is behind the disappearance of our signs and I’m not about to speculate here. What I will say, however, is that I’m a little bit surprised by the pettiness of the gesture. Whether a group of merry pranksters is behind this foolish and pathetic undertaking or whether it’s supposed to send some sort of political message to discourage us or our supporters, I just wanted to say that the effect has been quite the opposite. And if people are going to go to extreme efforts (perhaps even to the point of playing dirty politics), to prevent the message of Marianne’s campaign from getting out ‘€“ well, there are other ways of doing this.

The important point to remember that we will get our message out!

John Ballard is a member of Marianne Olive’s campaign staff

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