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Nyack: Upcoming Village Election

By John Shields, Mayor of the Village of Nyack

There are, as of this writing, four candidates for Mayor of the Village of Nyack, all Democrats: Denise Hogan, Marie Lorenzini and Richard Kavesh, all currently trustees on the Village Board, and Marianne Olive, a newcomer and a local business owner. Also, as of this writing, three candidates: Jen Laird White, Doug Foster, Democrats and Richard Quinn, an independent are running for Trustee. Since two trustee positions are up for election this year, the two Democrats need no primary. An interesting note: If Richard Kavesh is elected Mayor he may appoint a trustee for his unexpired term as Trustee.

The primary election is on September 15. The winner will be on the ballot in September. The independent candidate name will be on the ballot in November if he collects enough signatures on his petition. In the meantime, the candidates have some work to do:

First: They must gather names on a petition. In order to be on the ballot they must have 119 signatures of NYACK REGISTERED DEMOCRATIC VOTERS. They will be going around the Village asking you sign this petition. (They may collect signatures from June 9 – July 13). Voters MAY SIGN ONLY ONE PETITION. THE FIRST ONE SIGNED IS THE LEGAL SIGNATURE. YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE VILLAGE OF NYACK AND A REGISTERD DEMOCRAT IN NYACK TO SIGN. For this petition residents of South Nyack, Upper Nyack or Central Nyack signatures are not valid.

Second: They must get out and make themselves known to the residents of the Village.

Third: They must raise money. An unfortunate fact of running for office is that money is needed for signs, literature, stamps, etc.

If you are not registered as a Democrat or are not registered in a party you may sign and independent petition. These independent petitions will be circulated after the deadline for the Democratic petitions. This is also the time to sign a petition for independent candidates not running under the Democratic or Republican Party line.

GET TO KNOW THESE CANDIDATES! One way is to attend one or two Village Board Meetings to see how each of these candidates operates on the Board and how each thinks about issues. Another is to talk to the candidates and get to know their positions on issues that concern you. Keep in mind that not all important issues are under their prevue. School taxes, for example, are the responsibility of the Nyack School Board and the Village Board has no more input than any resident in Nyack.

Candidates running for office on the Republican line will be announced in August.

John Shields is finishing his fourth term as Nyack’s Mayor. He is not running for re-election.

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