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Obama’s Inauguration, Nyack Style

What are you doing on January 20? If you aren’t going to brave the crowds in DC, then you have some choices here in Nyack.  During the day at 11am, Riverspace will be showing Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and President Obama’s acceptance speech followed by live coverage.  The event is free, although their literature is a bit confusing saying there are tickets, but if you go to the box office there are no such tickets.

Later in the evening, the Nyack Center will be hosting an Inaugural Ball (adults $20, Children $5).  Call 358-2600 for tickets.  There will be a big screen to see the events, along with desserts, beverages, music and dancing.  You can wear some of your cool Obama gear, inaugural fancy, or casual.

Frankie D. and the Boys will be jammin’ their R&B, blues and funk, and Preston Powell will be spinning the discs. Space is limited.

Or, you can just get your fill of the festivities over the ‘net. The inaugural ball will be webcast for the first time on Jan. 20. You can’t dance and prance with the prez or first lady, but you can link and interact:  the inaugural planners will offer webcasting and text messaging options to give you the feeling of being there, while not actually going anywhere.

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