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Snow: Sidewalk alert!

If you think this snow is going to last forever, think again. Nyack has some legal limits on how much of the white stuff can accumulate on sidewalks. Or more specifically, how long it can stay there.

Here’s an excerpt from the section 48-10 of the Village Code at

  • Each person shall, by 11:00 a.m., remove the snow and ice from the sidewalks and gutters in front of the premises owned or occupied by him or her.
  • When the same cannot be so removed by reason of physical conditions, it shall be covered or sprinkled with sand, ashes or other suitable material.
  • Any person charged with the duty of removing the snow and ice or covering the same as herein provided shall be subject to a penalty not to exceed $100 for his or her failure so to do, and in addition thereto, a violation of this section shall constitute disorderly conduct, and a person violating the same shall be deemed a disorderly person. This section may be enforced by the police, by the Village Building Inspector or by a Village parking enforcement aide.
  • In addition to the penalty hereinbefore provided, the Superintendent of Public Works of the Village shall thereupon proceed to remove or cover the same, and the expense thereof shall be audited and fixed by him and against the owner of the abutting property in the manner provided by law.

Practically, if it’s still snowing at 11am on a snow day it’s unlikely the building dept will issue any tickets. However, tomorrow is another day…

Rockland County also issued an Winter Preparedness bulletin.

Editor’s note: if anyone knows the rules that govern snow removal in South Nyack, Upper Nyack or other Rockland County communities, feel free to click comment and add them below.

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