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Old Political Trick is no Halloween Treat

Nyack area resident Cliff Weathers says one local candidate is using the schools to advance their personal agenda of “no politician left behind.” Weathers writes in The Albany Project about a flyer his daughter brought home from State Senator Thomas P. Morahan.

It was a Halloween safety flyer that had Senator Morahan’s name in HUGE type and some common-sense Halloween safety tips in very small, almost agate-sized type. I found it more than curious, in fact, cynical, to get a useless flyer from Senator Morahan in my child’s pack just a few days he was to defend his seat. In fact, several parents that I know from Upper Nyack and Liberty Elementary schools were upset by this flyer, which was obviously campaign material paid for by Morahan’s “member items” slush fund.

Last year at this time, I made sure to go through my daughter’s folder in the two weeks before Halloween. There was no such flyer in her backpack. There was no flyer because Morahan wasn’t facing reelection. I asked several other parents if they had received the flyer last year and none had.

Weathers says Dr. Valencia Douglas, Superintendent of Nyack Schools, e-mailed him back to say she will do what she can to prevent this from happening in the future.

Source: The Albany Project, LeftOfTheHudson

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