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Sept Means Back To School (Taxes)

Nyack Resident Irv Feiner received his 2009 school tax bill last week. And taking a page from Network’s Howard Beale, he’s as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

September 4, 2008

It is pointless to write another polemic outlining the injustices of the property tax system. It is time for action.

Despite efforts by some state legislators to provide tax relief via a circuit breaker; no results.

We have  received our 2008 school bills and are justifiably outraged. Assessors offices report telephones ringing off the hook with angry complaints. The time has come for a good old fashioned American rebellion.

We should all descend upon our school boards, town boards, village boards and county legislature demanding that the school boards not, again not, submit 2009 budgets until the state legislature get off their butts and pass a good circuit breaker bill providing comprehensive property tax relief. One huge community howl.

One bold  school board could ignite  a tax rebellion and why not, it’s the American way and our school kids would experience a lesson in good old fashioned American democracy.

irv feiner

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