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Dog Park Good for Dogs, Owners and Nyack, too

South Nyack resident Vivian Yaker writes in the August 10 Journal News that if dogs can’t run free, the community should build a place where they can roam in a fenced in area. It’s a good idea which deserves merit — and not just because of a local ordinance clamping down on dogs off leash.

Using a small piece of the open space at Memorial Park for our four pawed friends also means that Rockland, Westchester and Bergen residents will have one more reason to come to Rivertown to shop and dine. Which is good for local business, too.

Dogs need open spaces to play, too

Recently, notices have been posted along the riverfront at Memorial Park concerning the dogs who play there “off leash” in the morning. An old village ordinance has been brought up, saying all dogs have to be leashed on Nyack streets, etc. Not to play with semantics, but the riverfront is not the “street.”

We do not want to break the law, but Nyack, which is a dog-friendly town, provides no public space for our dogs to run around. Where can we take them? Dogs need socialization and exercise the way humans do.

Therefore, we propose a substantial dog run be built at Memorial Park. The fence that is alongside the tennis court can be expanded. Fencing will not be costly, the area around there is muddy but can be seeded. We propose a dog run that will be open daily.

We know Nyack has applied for a state grant to beautify the waterfront. A fenced-in dog park must be incorporated. We are one of the only areas in the county that does not have one. New City, Montebello and others do; why doesn’t Nyack?

As stated, none of us want to break the law, so please allow us to work with you to come up with a solution.

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