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If Dogs Could Vote

An Election Commentary by Murphy The Golden Retriever about the Tues May19 School Board Election

I always say, if you’ve got it flaunt it. If I could vote, I would. Instead I just wave my very pretty tail in the face of smaller dogs. But I still wish I could vote. And have opposable thumbs. OK, maybe I’d go with the opposable thumbs first – it would make pulling the lever in the voting booth easier to do.

I saw in the paper – right before I peed on it – that only 13% of the registered humans in Nyack voted in last year’s school board election. That’s unbelievable! In my world, that would be like only 1 in 10 dogs taking the opportunity to mark their territory. We dogs feel that marking territory is an unalienable right. I hear some of the humans feel that way about marking ballots, too.

So if I were you, I’d go out on Tuesday and exercise a right that dogs all over the world and a fair number of humans wish they could, too. And if you are walking to your polling place, bring your dog. If we can’t exercise the same freedoms as you, at least we can exercise our legs.

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