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This Town Should Be Going To The Dogs!

Murphy, a reporter with a nose for the facts

by Murphy Zornow, Golden Retriever At Large
Special Correspondent,

Nyack, NY, April 1, 2008 — If cars can park and so can teenagers, why can’t dogs park, too?

Recently, Nyack’s been in the news over two issues near and dear to the hearts (and peds) of my brethren: Riverspace redevelopment and riverfront access for my furry friends.

I’m all for the arts. I love musical theater, my two favorite tunes being “I’m So Pretty” and “I Enjoy Being a Dog.” And I love local business. Many of the gestures of Nyack’s business owners have touched me deeply. Usually right behind my right ear, where it is particularly difficult for me to scratch. Nyack is the perfect town for the arts, commerce and a celebration of community spirit.

Nyack is a dog haven, too. It’s a great place for individuals of diverse colors and creeds. And the humans are pretty interesting, too. Where I see things “approximately three feet closer to the ground than most of you “I can’t understand why we all can’t sniff out a compromise and meet everyone’s needs as we plan for the village’s future. I implore you to stop and smell the flowers (and the hydrants and the tree roots) to understand the POV that I share with just about all of “Nyack’s best friends.”

Mornings at Memorial Park gave us the chance to swim, run and sniff (if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. I can get more out of a walk in the park than most people can learn from watching a whole day of cable news). While we respect the village’s interest in redeveloping this space, it’s sad to think that we are being denied our historic access to Memorial Park over a little territorial dispute. And trust me, my mates and I know more about marking territory than any surveyor will ever understand!

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Speaking on behalf of Nyack’s largest and most diverse minority, we have just as many rights as cars do (in fact, we have one more right than humans), and we are united in calling them to the of our community. If cars get their own park, shouldn’t dogs get one too?

We aren’t picky. All we need is a little space to call our own, fenced in, for the trendy off-leash set. It can be a social place for folks of all phylums.

As you redevelop Our Town, can’t there be river space for all of us?

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