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Why are TZ Express changes one of Nyack’s Best Kept Secrets?

Last week, I waited in vain for the 10:04 Tappan Zee Express bus to arrive at the corner of Main Street and Cedar by the clock in downtown Nyack. It never came. And I waited for 30 mins, in the cold, confused and frustrated. Until another TOR driver told me the stop had moved one block away two weeks ago. Kudos to Rockland County, the Village of Nyack and anyone else who wants to take credit for providing low cost ($1.50 each way) bus service to the Tarrytown Metro North station. It’s a great deal. But…Who is the bonehead who decided to move the bus stop and not post the change at the old bus stop? Was that so hard?Let’s remember, the reason the county subsidizes the TZ Express is to encourage people to use mass transit. However, speaking for those of us who commute infrequently during off peak hours, this event doesn’t do much to increase the esteem of taking mass transit.Thinking it was just *me*, I stopped by Village Hall in Nyack to pick up a revised schedule. The most recent update to the TZ Express schedule was in February. Ahem: February 2007. Those schedules showed the old (incorrect) location.Does someone know someone with the Rockland County Dept of Transportation that can post a note at the old bus stop for the next six months? And deliver revised schedules to Village Hall and other places where people are likely to ask for this information?btw, here’s a link to the revised schedule: to further confirm that someone is asleep at the wheel on this issue, here’s a link to the MTA web site showing the TZ Express links. On this page, it shows the old stop (Clinton and Main Street). So as of today, anyone who gets their info from the MTA about commuting to Metro North would be misinformed. And no doubt not so amused, either!

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