Little Shops on the Hudson: Nyack Business Backstory

Snow on South Broadway, 1/21/2014. Photo Credit: Ali Perretz.

Over the past 10 years, Nyack News and Views has profiled more than 40 stores and shops getting the backstory on their businesses and what makes them unique. Here’s a list of some of our favorite stories about the stores that make shopping in Nyack a special holiday experience.

The “Little Shops on the Hudson” series is brought to you by the Nyack Chamber of Commerce and the Arts, Crafts and Antiques Dealers Association.


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, 10/11/2017
Adam Berrios, Chocolate Maker, 5/17/2017
Antique Masters (Nyack Sketch Log, “Last Armoires Standing”), 11/22/2016
Art Cafe (Nyack Sketch Log), 2/17/2015
Avispa Celebrates 10 Years in Business (Nyack Sketch Log), 7/11/2017
Brooklyn Bread is Open and Delicious, 12/5/2016
Chef Kendell Brenner (Nyack Sketch Log), 7/18/2017
The Corner Frame Shop (Nyack Sketch Log), 7/10/2012
D.S.Z. Barbers (Nyack Sketch Log), 6/14/2016
Didier Dumas (Nyack Sketch Log), 5/16/2017
Dines Farms (Eats of Eden), 12/19/2012
Dr. Pickle (Eats of Eden), 6/20/2012

The Nyack Holiday Window Project, a creative community effort where local artists fill storefronts with holiday themed windows, runs through January.


Elmwood Playhouse (Nyack Sketch Log), 3/28/2017
For Whom The Kettlebell Tolls: Nyack Boot Camp, 6/18/2015
Grandmother Inspired Goodies, Now Gluten-Free (Nyack Sketch Log), 6/6/2017
Hannemann’s Funeral Home (Nyack Sketch Log), 10/1/2013
Hartell’s (Nyack Sketch Log), 10/31/2017
Hickory Dickory Dock (Nyack Sketch Log), 12/20/2016
Hudson House (Nyack Sketch Log), 8/28/2012
Hummingbird Ranch (Nyack Sketch Log), 8/4/2015
Karenderya (Nyack Sketch Log), 8/22/2017


Mainstream Commons (Nyack People & Places), 11/15/2017
Madura Farms (Eats of Eden), 6/6/2012
Maria Luisa (Nyack Sketch Log), 8/16/2016
Matt Hudson, Wood-Carver (Nyack People & Places), 3/9/2017
Maureen’s Jazz Cellar is the Perfect Room (Stay Tuned), 11/10/2016

Veteran's Memorial Park, Downtown Nyack. Photo Credit: Dave Zornow

Veteran’s Memorial Park, Downtown Nyack. Photo Credit: Dave Zornow

Maureen’s Jazz Cellar: Bucky Pizzarelli (Nyack People & Places), 3/15/2017
Metal and Stone (Nyack Sketch Log), 11/15/2016
Mostly Myrtles (Eats of Eden), 7/11/2012
My Own Little Gallery (Nyack Sketch Log), 8/9/2016
Nyack Farmers’ Market (Nyack People & Places), 4/19/2017
Nyack Hospital’s Next Chapter (Nyack Sketch Log), 7/22/2014
O’Donoghue’s Rides Again (Nyack Sketch Log), 4/19/2016
Pickwick Book Shop (Nyack Sketch Log), 3/7/2017
Preston Powell’s Teagevity (Nyack Sketch Log), 11/24/2015


Orchards of Concklin (Eats of Eden), 7/4/2012
Pie Lady & Son (Nyack Sketch Log), 4/25/2017
Preston Powell II, Tea Merchant & Sensei, 10/25/2017
Squash Blossom
(Nyack Sketch Log), 6/28/2016
Strawberry Place (Nyack Sketch Log), 1/26/2016
Taiim Falafel Shack (Eats of Eden), 9/19/2012
Thursdays On the Strip (Stay Tuned), 3/27/2016
Time Nyack Hotel Dazzles in Debut, 5/25/2016
Turiello’s Pizza (Nyack People & Places), 6/7/2017
Yoga Teachers Betsy Ceva & Charlene Bradin, 5/3/2017


Thanks to all of the merchants who participated in the 2017 Holiday advertising campaign, sponsored by Nyack Chamber of Commerce and the Arts, Crafts and Antiques Dealers Association. You’re only one click away from visiting their website and learning more about why they are part of the reason Nyack is a unique holiday shopping experience.

Since 1988 the Costa family has invested their energy and attention in making Hickory Dickory Dock specializing in finely crafted clocks, German handicrafts and decorative seasonal goods & gifts for all year. We evolved from a “small clock shop” by expanding the offering of Cuckoo clocks via direct German import relationships. We also importing woodcraft, pewter, paper mache and ceramic goods from a diverse group of specialized, traditional, German factories from many different regions. More info at

Gena Lisa is a shop that specializes in fitting women. If your bra straps fall down or your back straps ride up, it’s the place for you. “most women don’t realize that their bras just aren’t fitting them properly. The right fit will be more comfortable which will make you happier throughout the day. You don’t have to change your wardrobe, you simply need to get measured and find the right foundation for you, and have it fitted to your body.” More info at

San Francisco has City Lights, New York City has the Strand and Nyack has the Pickwick Book Shop. The experience of shopping at Pickwick has changed little since it first opened in 1945. The store is covered in books from floor to ceiling and the shelves are crammed with a seemingly endless number of books. Despite the increasing number of chain bookstores in the county, generations of customers have supported Pickwick for decades. More info at

DGM2017 Metal and Stone Jewelers

Before opening Metal and Stone Jewelers in 1993, we had a combined 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. During those years, we covered almost every aspect there is to know about this business. With our love and appreciation for quality, detail and workmanship, we evolved into a “metal and stone” gallery that also kept an eye on price at a solid value. More info at

Maria Luisa Whittingham and the boutique that shares her name have been a Nyack institution for more than 30 years. Established in 1987, Maria Luisa Boutique is committed to serving the community with integrity, inspiration and great products. In 2007, Maria Luisa opened ML by Maria Luisa, a fun and funky satellite shop that specializes in a wide variety of fine, handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly merchandise produced in the USA and around the world. More info at

DGM2017, Funny Business

We at Funny Business are a passionate group, we love all things LEGO, comic books, action figures, and more. We have resident experts on LEGO and comics who can help you with any questions you may have. In addition to offering great items in the fields above we also have a wide range of accessories, rare, and collectible items. Just want to chat about some of your favorite topics related to LEGO, comic books, or action figures, stop in, we love to talk! More info at

The Hudson House restaurant is situated in the former village hall and jailhouse. Downstairs in our restaurant we serve dinner Tue-Sun and offer contemporary American cuisine. The  jail cells remain now house the wine cellar. The walls and ceilings are covered in the original pressed tin dating from the 1800s. The Hudson House offers upscale dining in a beautiful atmosphere at moderate prices. More info at

Casa del Sol has been a staple in the Nyack community for 20 years. Tom Lynch, an original Casa employee from 1987, purchased the restaurant from the previous owners in 2015. Tom & his wife Kathy hired chef and CIA graduate Mark Machacek and manager Nancy Safran to develop a new menu with great new dishes including Short Rib Quesadillas, Brisket Burritos and Mexican Lollipops. Casa offers 14 different types of tacos including vegetarian options, too. More info at

Mohamed Mahmoud opened his store in 1993 at the tail end of the antiques boom in Nyack. Today, his store, Antiques Masters on South Broadway is stocked with an impressive selection of carved wooden frames, massive armoires, period tables, desks and chairs, lamps and sculptures. Stores like Antiques Masters celebrate craftsmanship and historic preservation, traditions that attract many to Nyack.

Tree of Chocolate brings in the best quality with a touch of elegance European chocolates. The Belgian chocolates and truffles are decadent, beautiful on the outside – irresistible on the inside, and made with the purest non-GMO ingredients. There are also chocolates and treats made by chocolate artisans in the US, just as delicious as those imported from Europe. Pure indulgence for any occasions. More info at

With over 15 years experience in the antique and home interiors industry Colin Holmes offers personalized and unique shopping for all our customers. Inventory ranges from furniture and upholstery and garden decor to antique French clocks, artwork, giftware, jewelry and more. Our style is an eclectic mix of both old and new. Our store will have your eyes dancing around and filled with joy as every step you take will unveil more hidden treasures. More info at

We are excited to make a major announcement, as of 12/1/17 Saffron Trading has merged with Blue Rooster to make a even better shopping experience for our customers. More info at